Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Games All Around!

In my observation of the games played at St. Mary’s school, the students were to play a game where they were to take the flags out of the pockets of the other students, and whoever had the most flags at the end wins. During this game I observed Megan, age 6, and Nicolas, age 6. Both of these students were basically the same in most area’s when it comes to running, galloping and hopping. Megan I noticed seemed more mature for her movements though, she had more of a fluid momentum then Nicolas did however they had the same motor skills when it came to playing the games. One big difference that I noticed is that Nicolas had very little to no arm movement in any of the motor skills that the students were asked to do. Megan, however, used her arms more to propel herself in her hops and her gallops.

Some of the teaching methods that I noticed that seemed to be positive was when Melissa was teaching her game of Hungry Hungry Hippo’s. Her technique was to when the students were not paying attention she announced very loudly for everyone to touch their own eye’s when they were looking at her so they would pay attention and be quiet. This seemed like a good way to get the kids to be quiet and to pay attention to the rules that she had for the game that they were playing. The effect of this was very high in that the kids saw it as simple and that they had to pay attention because all the other kids were doing it too.

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