Thursday, May 14, 2009


Research Articles

In the research articles that I have looked at cover many different area's of how Exercise and BDNF. These 5 articles (article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4, article 5) discuss a wide variety in how they are related from discussing preadolescences to comparing the relationship between mice and men in their physical activity and how it effects their BDNF.

Final Part 2

In this article it compares the effects of treadmill running (TR) with the prolification of the neural stem cells and how they are effected in middle age animals to help develop programs and evidence that effects humans in their middle age. It discovers that with TR the middle aged mice that were experimented that have low NSC have shown an increase in their NSC with TR and their adult hippocampal neurogenesis increases and show improvement in their mental state from the physical activity. With this knowledge I can use this in my teachings in the future where I can teach the students how physical activity is not just a grade that they need to earn but teaches them something much more important in that they can use physical activity in a way that can help their overall health in the future and I would be able to teach them things that they can use outside of school when they are in their middle ages.

Final Part 1 B

Where is the web-site from? Where in the world? Which country? Do you know where it is on a map? Describe it
This website is the CBC news website that stands for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, they are located in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is located just above the border of Canada by the New York State region called the Niagara region.
What do you think about this news piece....interesting...why or why not?
I think that this news piece is very interesting in that it proves that physical activity does increase learning for children in that it improves their behavior by decreasing potetenially bad behavior. Also seeing the difference in the concentration in the students after physical activity compared to before is unbelievable in that all of the students were concentrating and their learning ability increased dramatically.
Why wasn’t the PE teacher involved with City Park Collegiate experiment?
The PE teachers were not involved in this matter because when it comes to PE most students do not get their HR up and there is a lot of standing around or no participation at all. With that they do not include PE teachers at the City Park Collegiate experiment because they are almost forcing the students to do the work during the class but doing it at their own pace where they don’t need to do something that they don’t want to do such as in PE class.
What are the outcomes of the program?
The results of the program were unbelievable in that the overall grades from before the program started to after the program started increased at a dramatic rate where all the scores from their English reading and writing skills improved and their math scores increased. Also they increased in their physical education tests in sit-up and pushup and such. With this program an overall increase of mental and physical ability.
Are these outcomes similar to our New York State PE Standards? Explain your answer by giving details and examples, while comparing and contrasting.
The outcomes of the program are similar in ways to the New York State PE Standards in that the teaching methods in the program are beneficial to the students to increase their physical health but also used to increase their mental health. The facility that the students use are safe for them and it is accessible to them in that they are able to use the equipment and HR monitors easily

Final Part 1 B

Monday, April 27, 2009

The 255 Experience

This semester has been a semester that I have never had before in that it was the most fun that I have had going to class. In my basic teaching course EDU 255 I have learned more that I will be using in my career than any other courses that I have taken in my entire time at college. Being able to face your demons in teaching and being able to overcome them and be the teacher that I have always wanted to be has happened in this course this semester. I have taught many lessons in this class and with each one with the help of my professors and teaching assistants I have gotten better and more confident in my choice to be a Physical Education Teacher. Teaching is not something that anyone can really just run into doing and have an easy time with it, especially at the Physical Education Program at SUNY Cortland. It holds up the hype that it portrays to it's students before they even get into the program. I believe after my experience at SUNY Cortland in my major that I can be one of the greatest Physical Education Teachers to come out of this school.

Step Aerobics - Lab D

While teaching my lesson I felt very confident in my teaching and what I was giving the students to do in that I've seen it done in classes before and I practiced teaching it beforehand. However, I always still feel rushed during my lesson when I am not and that is when I go under the time limit and fall short of the specific time. However, after watching the video of myself and hearing myself talk I do seem very confident and it does not look like I am rushed. One thing that I notice myself doing and I've been working on the whole semester is keeping my back toward the wall and talking and giving feedback to my students. Since I'm able to keep my back to the wall and I can see the class at all times. Another thing that I've been working all the whole semester and I accomplish it in this lesson is to give my students more time to do activities. In that I've given then enough time in the lesson that >50% for activities, which is the goal I've been trying to meet all semester long. Overall, I believe I had a great lesson and that the lesson content was good and it worked the students out and got them to be extremely active.