Monday, April 27, 2009

Step Aerobics - Lab D

While teaching my lesson I felt very confident in my teaching and what I was giving the students to do in that I've seen it done in classes before and I practiced teaching it beforehand. However, I always still feel rushed during my lesson when I am not and that is when I go under the time limit and fall short of the specific time. However, after watching the video of myself and hearing myself talk I do seem very confident and it does not look like I am rushed. One thing that I notice myself doing and I've been working on the whole semester is keeping my back toward the wall and talking and giving feedback to my students. Since I'm able to keep my back to the wall and I can see the class at all times. Another thing that I've been working all the whole semester and I accomplish it in this lesson is to give my students more time to do activities. In that I've given then enough time in the lesson that >50% for activities, which is the goal I've been trying to meet all semester long. Overall, I believe I had a great lesson and that the lesson content was good and it worked the students out and got them to be extremely active.

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