Monday, April 27, 2009

The 255 Experience

This semester has been a semester that I have never had before in that it was the most fun that I have had going to class. In my basic teaching course EDU 255 I have learned more that I will be using in my career than any other courses that I have taken in my entire time at college. Being able to face your demons in teaching and being able to overcome them and be the teacher that I have always wanted to be has happened in this course this semester. I have taught many lessons in this class and with each one with the help of my professors and teaching assistants I have gotten better and more confident in my choice to be a Physical Education Teacher. Teaching is not something that anyone can really just run into doing and have an easy time with it, especially at the Physical Education Program at SUNY Cortland. It holds up the hype that it portrays to it's students before they even get into the program. I believe after my experience at SUNY Cortland in my major that I can be one of the greatest Physical Education Teachers to come out of this school.

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