Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting on the Children's Level

Some of the challenges that I have faced recently has been the cooperation of the children. It all depends on the day that we happen to catch the children on and depending on the game. If the previous labs have had a similar game to the one’s we are playing then they lose interest and make it difficult to keep the kids in line and attentions spans run short. Also, the age differences that are within the groups that we work with, who can make it difficult to keep all the children interested in the game. In the beginning of the time spent at St. Mary’s the nerves and the lack of knowledge with the children also made it difficult for most in both lab groups. However, after going there a few times and learning more about the children it has become easier and more comforting
I think that we should all get more on the children’s level, get to be more like them so that they will get more excited about the games that we are excited about the game. Make them think that since the teacher who is just like them likes the game then it must be fun so they will want to play. However, even though we want to make them play in the games that we are making them seem more fun, we also need to have that teacher-student relationship, where we have the control and they have respect. Don’t be afraid to open up and let them know, and keep control.

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